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Please check out these great links!

The Lord of Shadows
My sister site dedicated to the book series "The Lord of Shadows" Written and illustrated by me!

E. E. Books
My newest sister site dedicated to all my writing, as I expand into other works not involving The Lord of Shadows.

Liquid Fae Studios on Etsy
Did you know I also make jewelery and other craft items not related to my fantasy art? I don't sell them at Liquid Fae, so they are available on Etsy!

My Tubed Art:
purchase and use my art for all your tagging amusment! This is the only official site for my tubed images, so if you find them anywhere else, please let me know!

On The Wings of Dreams:
located at 139 W. German St., Shepherdstown WV. This great shop has numerous wonderful products for sale in a New Age/ Metaphysical setting, along with a full range of my products! If you're in the area its a great way to avoid shipping costs, and support the local small businesses.

The Owls Nest:
Another locally owned shop, this one more geared towards the pagan community with a full
selection of herbs and tools as well as a small selection of my products! Check them out in their
new location in downtown Fredrick, Maryland. The shop is owned by a mother/daughter team and are very knowledgeable, and hold frequant workshops!


Yiotas X-stitch:
The only official place to buy cross stitch patterns of my work!

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